Hello, I’m Earl and I’m all about stealth game. On your special day I will be like a fly on the wall capturing those unseen moments – the furtive glances, tiny tears, and cheeky smiles –      literally once in a lifetime photographs that you’ll look back on fondly, but never knew I was there hehe.  I am also quite a dab hand at creating quick, quirky illustrations which you can find on my personal Instagram @earlduncan and dotted around this site.
Hi I’m Rianne a self-confessed coffee-loving, photo-taking, guilty-giggler. I am forever expanding my knowledge by getting stuck into a marathon of reading, whether it be novel or a blog. I am the organiser, the crowd gatherer and an ace at lacing or bustling a wedding dress if the situation demands it. I believe that life is an adventure so I’m always planning our next adventure!